4 Ways To Rock The Tricky Printed Shirt

There’s a barrage of options if you’re looking for men’s printed shirts online. But if you’re struggling to get the styling part right, it’s definitely not your fault. Printed shirts can be tricky to get right. Wearing a printed shirt comes with the risk of bordering on coming off as insufferable or attention-seeking. Here are 4 ways to navigate the printed shirt, to not just make it work but make it rock!

Pick an appealing pattern

Before anything else, your printed shirt’s pattern is going to decide if you’re gonna stand out for the right reasons or wrong. Go for evergreen patterns such as feathers, leaves. The search for men’s printed shirts online can lead you to quirky and eclectic patterns which may seem like a cool idea but then you won’t have anywhere to wear them to.

Pairing is everything-

Again, the pairing of your printed shirt depends on the pattern. Floral or leafy patterned shirts spell more beach casual than anything else and can be paired with shorts and beach footwear. Smaller prints go well with formal wear. You can always experiment with the bottom wear but make sure you don’t end up an uninspired version of Willy Wonka.

Print party

Okay, we know printed shirts as party wear are not totally ground breaking. But, it’s an easy fix. If you’re looking for men’s printed shirts online for the next party you need to go to, you can go for silk shirts with smaller prints. Florals shirts are a good option too.

Subtle prints

 If you want floral printed shirts minus all the outrageousness, there are plenty of subtle printed shirts available to suit your style. Earth toned printed shirts are all that fashionable without the kick of flamboyance. A simple striped shirt can be paired with chinos or jeans and complete the look with a good pair of loafers.

When styled right, the printed shirt can bring a certain charm into your attire. If you’ve bought men’s printed shirts online and don’t know how to go about styling them, hope these tips help! Shop for printed shirts and more at Snitch and make your own style statement.